The Quest for Writing Excellence: Five Things You Should Do To Create a Strong Essay


There are several things you can do to ensure yourself a high quality, scholarly essay on virtually any topic you can imagine—of course, topic is half the battle. Assuming there are no time constraints at work here, you will have time to do searches of “good current essay topics in marketing” or “ unique topics in human resources management.” Even if your topic is not listed here and even if you do not take one of these exact topics on as your own—what is great is how reading through all of these ideas will help you think of your own good essay topic.

Pick a topic you can converse on ease


I didn’t say write on easily—that would be too intimidating for challenged writers. Instead, pretend as if you had to give a speech or have a conversation with a good student in the class about your topic. Instead of the topic that sounds most challenging, go for the topic that you could easily sit down and do a one to two page freewrite on if given a little direction. See, this way, once you ferret out your research and lay down your quotes, all that writing around your quotes will come super easy.

Do not go for the hard to research topics

—what you want to do is not think of some really obscure topic that boasts of originaility but will leave you few researchers to converse with within the body of your essay. You want there to be too many wonderful quotes for you to select from, not to few. And nothing looks better on an essay than weaving in lots of really high-quality quotes. That is the ticket to an A+ essay.

Do your research and do it well.


Think current and informative when it comes to selecting articles and books for any research essay. You want current information, at least from the past five to ten years. If it is a science based essay, however, especially anything to do with rapidly changing medical discoveries and technology, you will want your research to be as current as possible. You want every sentence you include in your essay to take the overall look and read of the essay up a notch. Whether they are your words or someone else’s that you put on this blank sheet of paper, ever sentence still contributes to the way an essay reads and sounds to your reader. You want your essay to shine both intellectually and sonorously.

Structure is key to getting your essay done well, easily, and quickly.

Students, the structure of a quality essay never, ever varies. All good essays move from a really good introduction with a thesis statement, to the body / evidence paragraphs, which provide evidence to back up and support your thesis, and then a solid conclusion. The only exception to this rule is in an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay moves from the introduction with a thesis statement at the end of the introduction, whether the introduction is one paragraph or two, then moves to all the body evidence paragraphs. You must also acknowledge the other sides’ major opposition to your argument and then quickly refute it before moving to a close.

Revise like a champion. Never neglect this crucial step.