10 Ideas For An Expository Essay On How Music Affects Your Life

This article will give ten ideas for an expository essay on how music effects your life. Having the theme for the paper is only have the step. You must have two questions to be answered to complete the theme. This is because you are proving your claim from two sides of the subject. These questions will lead up to the meaning of your answers that form your thesis.

  1. What kinds of music gets your heart pumping? Is there a different selection for each mood?
  2. How important is music to getting you through different parts of the day? Is music like a stimulate or depressant for the particular moods it takes you to?
  3. Do you think music fills voids in your life that other things could never do? How much do you rely on music to ease the stresses of day to day situations?
  4. Can music be a kind of addiction to your mind? How do you feel when you do not have access to music?
  5. Do you associate different music with memories of your past life? Does it give you a nice feeling when you hear this particular type of music?
  6. How much would your life change without listening to it at certain times of the day? How do you react when you have no way of listening to your music?
  7. Have you ever thought about living in a world without music? How much more time would be stagnate without any sort of music?
  8. When exercising does it give you mental and physical stimulation to help you through the process? Would not having this stimulation in your life affect your performance?
  9. Do you turn to music to put you in a better place in times of strife? Do you think your personality would change if there was no more music in your future?
  10. Have you ever thought about the world without music? Do you think you would have the same outlook on your existence living in a music-free environment?

You may be surprised on how much money is made in the music business. Pay attention to the number of radio stations that are available to the average listener. Look at how many people have some type of music devise stuck in their ears. People walk out their door in the morning and get lost in the world they created with music. The world would lose a very large part of their lives with the elimination of music. You can get help online if you are seeking more information.

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