10 Steps To Creating An Impressive Essay About Pop Music

Before you begin the steps to creating that incredible essay, make sure you’ve got a good grasp on the definition and culture of pop music. This will go a long way to helping you choose your topic and write your paper successfully.

Pop music originated in the Western world as a derivative of rock and roll. Popular music borrows elements from other forms and styles of music and contains the structure of verses with a repeated chorus. Because pop music encompasses a fairly vast number of artists and styles, your topic options are also wide and varied.

Follow these 10 steps to create your paper:

  1. Research – do some reading about your topic. Look at different sources, such as internet, library, television, magazine and other media. Take notes as you go along.
  2. Analysis – look at the knowledge base you’ve created. Analyze the data you’ve gathered. Look at the claims others have made or that you intend to make. Make sure you can verify your claims.
  3. Brainstorm –use your own insight, experience or knowledge as well. This will make your paper unique. If you can’t think of some original insights, go for a walk. Let the ideas flow freely.
  4. Thesis statement – This should be based on your best idea. This is the statement your entire paper will be based on. It is your main point and all other points support it. It should only be one sentence long.
  5. Construct the outline – working with an outline is the smartest thing you can do. You make an outline from the notes you took in step 1. Organize thoughts into logical order.
  6. Create the introduction – your opening paragraph is the most important of all. It catches the reader’s attention as well as telling what your paper will be about.
  7. Organize the paragraphs – they should flow freely from one to another, using good transition sentences. It’s easy to get the paragraphs organized and in a logical order when you follow your outline.
  8. Conclusion – use a quick wrap-up sentence and end with a memorable thought or call to action. These must not be new ideas that haven’t yet been presented in the paper.
  9. Style guide – you will likely be assigned a style guide you must follow, such as APA or MLA.
  10. Proofread – the most important step is left until last.

Follow these steps and your paper will seem to come together in no time. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the process becomes. Good luck writing!

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