10 Great Samples of Expository Essay Topics for High School

An expository essay requires students or the writer to explain things or issues using facts instead of opinions. Such essays require students to investigate and evaluate issues or things and set forth logical arguments in a clear and concise fashion.

For most high school students, it can be a great challenge just coming up with a topic for an expository essay. However with a little imagination and creativity, it’s possible to come up with tens of topics to write about. The best approach is to think of issues that affect society and things that you are familiar with. For instance, social issues that affect both students and the society in general can be great sources of topics for your expository essay. Here is a highlight of 10 great samples of expository essay topics for high school to get you started.

  1. Explain the reasons why a particular person is admired by a certain society or community.
  2. Explain why a particular person should be considered a leader.
  3. Explain the reasons as to why parents may be strict
  4. Why is acquiring a driver’s license an important event in the lives of most teens?
  5. Explain why some teenagers may be forced to quit school upon reaching sixteen years.
  6. Explain the impact of a particular music genre on society
  7. Explain some possible causes of high crime rates in a particular neighbourhood
  8. Explain some causes of high suicide rates among teens in a particular country
  9. Explain the reasons that led to the development of the atomic bomb by the U.S.
  10. Explain the likely causes of drug use among teenagers

  11. Besides these topics, you can still explore other social issues that affect high school students and the society in general. Here are is another collection of 10 great samples of expository essay topics for high school to consider.

  12. Explain some likely consequences of sex before marriage
  13. Explain the likely factors that encourage teenagers to join class
  14. Explain the likely consequences of cigarette and alcohol use among teenagers
  15. Explain the influence of pop culture on teenagers’ behaviour
  16. Explain the potential causes of cyber bullying among teenagers
  17. Explain the likely effects of high use of social media among teenagers
  18. Explain the possible consequences of introducing capital punishments in school
  19. Explain the likely consequences of having a part time job while still in high school
  20. Explain why some teenagers become rebellious toward authority
  21. Explain the importance of participating in sporting activities in high school

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