Civil War

Recognition of ‘Civil War’ as ‘a non-international armed conflict’ would be much more politically correct, at least in the views of the critical theorists, who need to be considered as the proponents of the dissent that debase civil war as other forms of political violence i.e. large scale ethnic riots or military coups. May it be the Greek Civil War (1946-1949) or the Syrian Civil War (2011 Present), either a blind greed for power or wish to change the persisting general ignorance in the society into an extreme revolutionary era free from all such malpractices of ills and wrong doings, seem to be the prime moving force behind the politics of civil war.

Violence in civil wars must be seen as the primary resource than the final product, which tends to be used by the political actors and victims are targeted. In the two folded paradigm of violence, people are treated with selective or indiscriminate violence, and both of these forms are capable of fostering brutality through deterrence. Crime is beneficial when it generates a force that urges human being to commit delinquency and the other side of the coin is the punishment, which is the force employed with an intention to restrain him from it.

Critical compendium of the motive behind civil war can be the only way to understand whether the warfare matters or not, and that is best executed beyond the repetition of facts related to civil war. With the observation of the fact that a war’s severity, duration and outcome - all of these seem to be affected by the technologies of rebellion. The changing nature of civil war can only be perceived when it is examined as the conventional, irregular, or symmetric non-conventional conflict. While irregular conflicts tend to generate greater civilian victimization, the conventional ones have propensity to culminate in rebel victories.

Whenever any government got saturated serving a class interest, it has been taken out by another group of people who are reformist by nature and have an agenda of achieving a more free country, where the voice of the oppressed does not remain unheard in the turmoil of the state and politics. At times, civil wars seem to have initiated just to serve proletariat class, but if that is the major part of the population, then it must be counted as a war of gore is the only shore.

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