15 Off-The-Beaten-Path Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Write About

If you have to write an argumentative essay, you really should consider choosing a topic that’s fresh and new, as novelty is an easy way to keep you reader interested in your paper. Often, novel argumentative essay topics are quite controversial, but that’s okay because controversial subjects make for the best topics. And, you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled this excellent list of off-the-beaten-path subjects for you to choose from.

  1. Torture
  2. The police and military should be allowed to use torture when they need to get important information from suspects.

  3. Animal rights
  4. Pets should have more rights than they currently have, and they should not be treated as people’s property.

  5. School times
  6. High schools should start later in the day, as teenagers need to be allowed to sleep late to ensure that they get enough sleep.

  7. Forced sterilization
  8. People who have more than three or more biological children should be stopped from having more children by being sterilized.

  9. Charity work
  10. The government should make all citizens do a certain amount of some type of charity work every month.

  11. Tattoos
  12. No person under the age of twenty-one should be allowed to get any tattoos at all, as they are too young to make such a permanent decision.

  13. Organised religion
  14. Most organised religion stops people from learning how to think critically because it requires them to believe in entities whose existence can’t be proven or disproven.

  15. Paperless businesses
  16. The government should push businesses to go paperless, as this will help the environment.

  17. Forced vegetarianism
  18. Shops and restaurants should be banned from selling any animal flesh on one day each week, in order to get people to eat less meat.

  19. Car free areas
  20. The government should rezone more areas to be completely free of cars.

  21. Security cameras
  22. All businesses and schools should be forced to have fully operational security cameras to help prevent crime and apprehend criminals.

  23. Illness
  24. People should not be allowed to go to work when they’re ill, to prevent the spread of disease.

  25. Vegetable gardens
  26. The government should put incentives in place to make people grow vegetables in their gardens.

  27. Sustainable living
  28. Sustainable living should be taught as a mandatory subject in schools.

  29. Tertiary education
  30. The government should increase subsidies for tertiary education.

With that excellent list of novel topics to choose from, you should be all set to write a fantastic essay!

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