8 Suggestions For Creating An Expository Essay About Unemployment

An expository assignment simply means that you have to explain and elaborate the given subject in a logical and clear manner. Such assignments should be separate from any biasness or subjectivity. You do not have to let your emotions or opinions influence your work. Try to stay as objective as possible and use facts and logic to support your stance. This type of writing prompts are easy to identify because they use the words like explain, show, define etc. This is a short work of nonfiction about one specific subject. The purpose of this paper maybe to: compare, discuss, narrate a story, or analyze something depending upon your assignment type

When you sit down to write an expository assignment, you have to keep a few important things in your mind. Consider a sample topic stating, “Explain the impact of technology on employment levels” Now this prompt requires you to discuss the impact of technology and how it has changed the employment in certain industries. It does not ask you to give an opinion whether this impact is good or bad, avoidable or not. It only requires you to explain based on facts and information

Tips to write an effective expository paper about unemployment

If you are to create a strong paper about unemployment, then you should know that you would need valid and authenticated data to strengthen your paper. Here is what you need to know while writing your paper

  1. Plan your assignment beforehand so that you do not feel lost or confused in the middle
  2. Use the second person to write your paper and use active voice wherever possible
  3. Decide the method of development you will use to write your paper. Whether the purpose of your assignment is to define, compare, analyze, classify or emphasis should be clear to you in the start.
  4. Create your thesis statement in the introduction paragraph and divide it into parallel parts for the body of your paper
  5. Be factual and base your paper on facts and valuable information rather than subjective opinions
  6. Make sure your paper is clear and concise and avoid any unnecessary details
  7. Each paragraph in your paper should be unique in content and ideas. Do not repeat your data or main topic sentence in more than one paragraph
  8. Use the conclusion to summarize, emphasize, restate or suggest

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