Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students: Nine Suggestions

A compare and contrast essay is an academic paper where you should pick two subjects and analyze them. You should write about their similarities and differences in your paper. This task is very interesting and useful, because it helps you develop both your writing and analytical skills. Usually, teachers give topics for such papers in advance, but sometimes you may decide by yourself what topic to choose. If you cannot come up with good subjects to compare and contrast, you may look at the list of interesting topics below.

  1. Halloween night vs. prom night.
  2. Both events require people to dress up in special costumes. Is this the only similarity of these two subjects? Do your research and write about it in your paper.

  3. The president vs. a homeless person.
  4. The lives of these two persons seem to be very different. Do your analysis to discover whether these subjects may have any similarities.

  5. Church sermons vs. political speeches.
  6. Speeches of politicians and sermons of priests may have absolutely different meanings and purposes, but they have much in common. Investigate this topic and present your analysis in your essay.

  7. Blizzard vs. hurricane.
  8. These two natural disasters are caused by different reasons, but both of them might bring similar damage. Compare and contrast these subjects and make your conclusion.

  9. Actors vs. liars.
  10. Can we say that actors are good liars and that liars are good actors? What is similar between these two types of people and what is different between them?

  11. Desert vs. ocean.
  12. Imagine being lost in the middle of the desert or in the open ocean. What would be different and what would be similar in these situations?

  13. Parents vs. celebrities.
  14. Both parents and celebrities have influence on your people. Discuss in your essay what is similar and what is different between these two types of influence.

  15. Video games vs. real games.
  16. Both playing video games and playing sports games outdoors bring positive emotions to players, but what are the differences?

  17. Village vs. city.
  18. The life in a village is very different from the life in a city. Research this topic and present your findings in your essay.

These examples should help you come up with your own original idea.

Keep in mind that just a good topic won’t bring you a high score. You should think about a decent thesis statement that will indicate the importance of your research. There is no sense to do a comparison for the sake of comparison.

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