10 Good Ideas For An Essay On How To Make School Better

There are millions of ways you can create an essay on how to make school better. What you are asking for, essentially, is 10 topics for an essay that is related to school. What is interesting about this is you can take the statement a couple of different ways. You can take it that you want ten topics for making your experience at school better or that you want 10 topics for an essay on how to make your physical school better. Either way, use your imagination and you can find the topics easily. I am going to list 10 topics that include both ways of thinking just to give you an idea.

  1. Should students be able to grade teachers just like teachers grade students? Sometimes teachers get complacent and don’t feel they need to work hard to reach the students. If they get feedback from students, they may be more apt to focus more on the student needs.
  2. Should students attend school all year round? This is something that has long since been debated because of the length of time children are in no formal instruction. Summer break bothers some children more than others but it does set all children back to an extent
  3. Should grades be eliminated in favor for aptitude?
  4. Should physical education be eliminated in schools?
  5. Would wearing school uniforms make school better?
  6. Would eliminating tenure for teachers make teachers better?
  7. Should parents be allowed to help their child in elementary school classrooms?
  8. Should all students have a computer for individual use in middle and high school?
  9. Should students be able to take courses in what they are interested in that would go toward their degree? If a student is interested in marine biology, he should be able to explore that particular subject in detail, maybe for an entire semester instead of only a few weeks
  10. Should all schools be locked once the school day begins? Students need to feel safe in order for them to relax and learn

These are just some ideas on what some people may think would enhance the educational experience for children. It is about time we individualized school curriculums to meet the needs of the children instead of gearing school curriculums to what the entire state feels is necessary.

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