10 Suggestions On How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay About Fahrenheit 451

To say that Ray Bradbury saw ahead of his time would be a gross understatement of his genius. Not only did he pioneer genres such as fantasy, science, history and horror, but his presentment visions are what we now know to be real possibilities. To put it quite simply, Ray was light years ahead of his time.

Had he lived during the crusades, he would have been like a cyborg soldier amidst the knights with their steel blades. And Fahrenheit 451 is arguably the most critical work of Ray. It is therefore, very important to do justice to this milestone in the history of literature while writing a critical analysis essay about it.

Here, you may find some helpful points that you should keep in mind while working on a critical analysis essay of Fahrenheit 451 to do it justice…

  1. Ray: While critiquing his work, it will serve to know who Ray Bradbury was, where he came from, what he worked on, and the reasons why he worked on the things he did. It is very important to know the context of his writings, and the sources from which he drew inspiration. After all, how can you be critical of someone or something unless you know sufficiently about them?
  2. The Bradbury Universe: Fahrenheit 451 takes inspiration and connects several topics, themes, aspects, scopes and issues raised in Ray’s works prior to 451. You must, therefore, be familiar with his prior work.
  3. The Time: The time during which the book is set is critical to understanding the implications of the book. The book is set in a dystopian future (probably) America. It is important to bare that in mind.
  4. Plot: Fahrenheit 451 revolutionized the plot development in a degree. Therefore, appropriate measure should be given to it.
  5. The protagonist: Guy Montag is a very interesting protagonist who sees a change in him over the course of the book. He is a complex character who needs to be understood by you , with deliberation.
  6. The supporting characters: Understand the role of Captain Beatty and Mildred Montag (the wife). They are critical to the plot development.
  7. The English Professor and the leader of the banished: Pay attention to the characters Faber and Granger, as they are critical to Montag’s story.
  8. The themes: The importance of knowledge is the basic theme, that of government and technology, the path of search for truth.
  9. Its popularity: The book is an important work. Know why!
  10. Its many adaptations: The book has been adapted time and again, you must go through all of them.

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