A List Of 20 Great Dissertation Titles In Computer Science

Computers Science is a fascinating subject for many young students, and most of them don’t face difficulties when it comes to handling a computer. Nowadays, every home has at least one computer, not to mention smartphones and other similar devices. To create a good dissertation for this course, you need to be innovative, not only knowledgeable. Here’s a list of 20 dissertation titles that worth your time:

  1. Military technology. The military is probably the first group that gets the newest technology. They have amazing computers that can be used in times of war and for training on the field.
  2. Computers and reading. More and more people prefer to read on the computer instead of buying a physical book. It is more comfortable and cheaper, but is it also more beneficial?
  3. Using technology for teaching. Many universities replaced the standard textbooks with brand new tablets that are easy to use and contain much more information.
  4. Internet security. How safe are we on the internet? Our personal details are protected by security systems every time we register on a website but are these systems thoroughly efficient?
  5. The Internet bullying. Even online, some people get teased, and many of them develop forms of depression and anxiety because of this.
  6. Design. On the computer, a designer can create an image from nothing, without struggling for hours with pen and paper.
  7. Access to information. Twenty years ago, you had to search through a dozen of books to find the information that you need. Nowadays, everything you wish for is a click away.
  8. Internet identity. Many people have a complete different identity online, and they consider the internet as a place where they can be who they really are.
  9. Online courses. There are children who don’t have easy access to education, but there are so many online courses available nowadays that almost every person can study what he likes.
  10. Online shopping. The habit of window shopping is no longer modern. Now, we watch all day long virtual stores, and we buy using our credit cards.
  11. Blogs. Many people that can’t write a book prefer to write on a blog to express themselves.
  12. Social media. Does this affect our capacity of communication?
  13. Industrial revolution. In the last years, a significant part of the workforce in factories was replaced by computers and machines.
  14. Freelancing. The online world opened a lot of opportunities for people who have to work from home.
  15. The usage of computers in medicine.
  16. Should we allow children to have a private computer? Analyze the pro’s and con’s.
  17. Privacy on the internet. Using some special programs, hackers can quickly access our computers and our personal information.
  18. Fake information on the internet. Is there any way to differentiate between real and false information online?
  19. Online tutoring. This is a real help for students who can’t afford to pay for a typical tutor.
  20. The development of computers. Present the first prototype of computer and how it evolved.

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