Writing An Argument Of Definition Essay: How To Choose A Good Topic

Often your teachers will specify the topic for your paper, which will make your task easier. However, if you are to choose the title of your assignment on your own, this can be a bit challenging. As a writer, the most difficult part is to come up with the right title to my work, which could sum up everything I have discussed in my paper. This is difficult because you have one sentence and or less to show your ideas to the reader and to engage them in your paper. Students fear if they were not able to hook the audience in the topic of their paper then their efforts will be in waste.

A definition essay is the type of paper where the writer needs to define a certain terminology or concept. Some terms have absolute meanings like concrete nouns that could be any object, place, or a person. However, abstract nouns do not have a tangible existence or a concrete definition. Such nouns and terms are a good subject for a definition paper.

It is important to note here that you should not waste your time in redefining or explaining a term, which is already quite clear to your audience or has a common knowledge available to everyone. This is not the point of a definition paper. You need to look at something in a different way that no one has yet thought or written about. Even if someone shares the same aspect with you, you can either add to their ideas in your paper or refute their ideas and present your own view.

The originality would not be a question as long as you write from your own mind. You do not have to think of what others say and copy it but think of how you can make an important contribution regardless of what other people have said already

To help solve this problem for students, I have created a list of essay topics that they can consider taking ideas from. Remember that these are suggestions for ideas and you may need to brainstorm and work on the one you choose for your paper a little more.

Example topics for a definition essay

  1. Love means peace
  2. Religion means harmony and love for all
  3. Success comes to those who try for it
  4. Fortune decides whether you are successful

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