Creating An Excellent Argumentative Essay On Video Games

Writing about video games is a task that many students would enjoy. Students often complain because they do not get to focus on activities that they enjoy, so when instructors allow students to write about their favorite things school becomes more fun. Argumentative essays can be written about absolutely any topic, including video games.

  • Find a Great Topic
  • If you get to write about video games, the first step is to find a topic that will drive the paper. Fortunately, video games have been controversial for decades, so there are plenty of ideas to use. They are so popular today that teachers are actually using them in the classroom; even that provides fodder for an argumentative paper. Students can also write about the rating system, the violence, and the inappropriate content of video games. Students could also write about the best age for children to begin using them.

  • Build a Thesis and Introduction
  • The next step is to select a thesis to argue. This should answer a yes or no question, like Should children under the age of 5 play video games. The answer will be the argument and it should include some of the question. It is also helpful to have some reasons included in the thesis so the reader knows what you will argue in the rest of the paper.

    The thesis statement should be included at the end of the introductory paragraph. Prior to the thesis, the paragraph should include an attention-getting hook and some background information. With all of the research available about video games, you should have no problem finding an interesting quote or fact about video games as well as background information to connect the hook to the thesis.

  • Craft Quality Body Paragraphs
  • Once you complete the introductory paragraph, the next step is to write the body paragraphs. The best argument should come first. Each paragraph needs to begin with a topic sentence that includes some of the thesis should be included in each topic sentence. Then, the topic sentences need to be supported with quality facts that support your opinion. Those facts can be surrounded by your opinions. It is also important to show citations, especially because adults are so reluctant to believe in anything positive about video games.

  • Anticipate Questions in the Conclusion
  • The last step of the process is to write the conclusion. This is where you restate the thesis, focus on the main points, and then wrap up the final thoughts on the topic. It is a good idea to anticipate any questions the reader might have and try to answer them by the end of the paper.

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