How to Find a Free Essay Plagiarism Checker: 5 Useful Tips

Sometimes, you may need to check a piece of writing for plagiarism. Fortunately, there are plenty of plagiarism detection tools available on the Web at no cost. Many of them can not only verify the uniqueness of the content, but also find grammar, punctuation and word choice mistakes. Therefore, you may easily improve the quality of your work as well. All you need to do is to copy and paste your essay into the text area and start the program by clicking on the button. Read the tips below to find out how to get your essay checked for nothing.

  1. Use search engines to find an appropriate program.
  2. Plagiarism checking software is quite easy to find online just by using your favorite search engine. Type “Free plagiarism checker” into the search bar and click the “Search” button. Within a few seconds you will get dozens of result pages. Alternatively, look through informative articles providing lists of top paper uniqueness checkers.

  3. Ask your friends to share their experience.
  4. Many of your friends have probably used such programs at least once, so they can recommend you some applications which they liked most. Additionally, they can revise your piece of writing or give you feedback.

  5. Use free versions of well-known brands.
  6. In most cases, well-known companies specialized in software development offer both free and premium versions of their products. You may use a free tool online or download it onto your computer. However, free programs do not have as many options as their paid counterparts, but still you can be sure of the quality of their services.

  7. Visit websites providing free SEO tools.
  8. Some websites provide SEO tools in open access to anyone and plagiarism detectors are among them. You just need to choose the resource that suits you most. By using such applications users get an opportunity to verify any documents they need in a few seconds. The program will scan your essay and compare it to other papers available online.

  9. Ask your instructor whether he or she can give you a list of resources to check your paper.
  10. Some students do not trust free checkers; however there are many reliable programs among them. Many teachers use such programs to check works of their students. Your teacher is not probably an exception. He or she can recommend you a good service or at least provide you with a list of useful sources where you can look for a free essay plagiarism checker.

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