10 Great Suggestions for Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Writing a persuasive essay can become a real challenge for those who don’t like arguing. However, even if you don’t like writing such essays, don’t be in a hurry to order it at a custom writing service, since this is a great chance to practice your persuasive skills. Perhaps, you are facing this problem because you haven’t managed to find a right topic that you feel passionate about. Below you can find 10 great suggestions of what to write about.

  1. Think whether homework should be individually assigned to each student.
  2. All students are different. Is it appropriate to give the same tasks to all of them? Should home assignment correspond to their school results?

  3. Write whether it is appropriate for students to receive money for good grades from their parents.
  4. Studying is really hard work, so perhaps students should be motivated by getting money for their achievements.

  5. Think whether students should study abroad.
  6. This can help students understand foreign culture better and become more tolerant to other people.

  7. Try to convince others that the only strict measures can root out bullying from schools.
  8. It is difficult to make people stop teasing someone. Some people cannot protect themselves from bullies. Should schools treat such people more strictly to prevent bullying?

  9. Devote your essay to the importance of rising price of cigarettes and alcohol.
  10. High prices of cigarettes can make people think twice before start smoking. Can such measures decrease the rate of people who suffer from alcohol abuse?

  11. Explain why parents should spend more time with their kids.
  12. Children need their parents’ attention very much. However, parents are forced to spend most of their time earning money. Should one of parents work part-time or as a freelancer to have more time for their kids?

  13. Persuade your readers that beauty contests are causing more harm than good.
  14. Why do people stand against beauty contests? What is the purpose of such shows?

  15. Think whether school tests can really estimate students’ knowledge.
  16. Many factors can influence students’ results: anxiety, fatigue, uncertainty, etc. Should tests be replaced by something else?

  17. Try to explain why attractive people are more successful.
  18. Attractive people are more popular in school; they usually have more friends. Is appearance the only way to success?

  19. Express your opinion on whether death penalty should be in a democratic society.
  20. The major principle of democracy is equality. Isn’t capital punishment violation of that principle?

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