The Best 15 Topics For A High School Classification Essay

Basing your essay on subjective or objective ideas

If you need to write a high school classification essay and you were wondering how you can think of a good topic to write about then it is worth noting that you can choose ideas that are either subject if all objective. Objective ideas may include classifying items or people based on chronological order, size, wealth or a wide range of other factors.

If you are using subjective ideas for your essay then the essay will be based on your opinions around the subject. For example, you may wish to rate some sort of venues in terms of how good you think they are.

Brainstorming ideas to come up with the perfect topic

Whilst keeping in mind that you can write about objective or subjective topics, it is then time to brainstorm ideas. The best thing to do is try and get as many thoughts as possible down on paper, or on a laptop. Even if the ideas don’t see many good at the time, you may find out that they help you to think of a fantastic idea later on.

Using ideas that are easily researched

Whichever topic you deduce to write about, it is worth bearing in mind that it is a good idea to make sure it is easy to research. The last thing you want to do is put in a lot of hard work only to realise that you can’t find all the information you need and, therefore, have to start again.

Some of the best 15 ideas that you might wish to use for your own paper

  1. Classify the wealthiest people in the world
  2. Classify the highest paid football players in the world
  3. Classify the most deadly wars and conflicts of the 20th Century
  4. Classify world monarchs by how long they have reigned
  5. Classify US presidents by the age they were inaugurated
  6. Classify countries according to their area
  7. Classify languages according to the number of speakers worldwide
  8. Classify car makes in terms of number of cars sold in the previous year
  9. Classify models of car according to total number ever sold
  10. Classify countries according to the number of births per 100,000
  11. Classify TV shows in terms of viewing figures
  12. Classify films in terms of box office takings
  13. Rate countries according to perceived corruption levels
  14. Rate sitcoms according to how funny you think they are
  15. Rate world cuisines in terms of which are your favourites, and why

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