Where To Look For A Good Example Of An Essay In The APA Format

You may know of APA, or the American Psychological Association, formatting for references and in text citations. But APA formatting also includes paper formatting, including layout and heading styles. Your teacher may request this formatting specifically for an assignment, in which case you’ll need to pay close attention to the details of it. And even if a teacher doesn’t assign it, it is one of the three common citation and layout formats, and is the standard citation style for the sciences and social sciences. While the formatting is fairly straightforward, it can be very helpful to have a good example to work off of, both for citations and layout formatting. This guide will help you find a good example for your needs.

A good example

When finding a good example of an APA format paper, you’ll want to make sure you know what a good example should include. The most helpful sample paper will be one that’s been created as an example, which points out important formatting features, such as first and second order headings, in text citations, and references cited. If you aren’t able to find a specially created example paper, be sure to use one that makes it clear what the different formatting features are.

Writing center

Most schools have a writing center, which staffs tutors to help with just this sort of thing. You can either go to your school’s writing center, or search on their website, or the websites of other school’s writing centers for examples.

Purdue OWL

The Purdue OWL, or online writing lab, is one of the best online writing centers when it comes to formatting for APA, as well as other formats. Their resources are comprehensive, and reasonably easy to use. They provide guidance on both layout and citation formatting, and include how to cite for a number of difference sources. Resources are broken down and organized by specific topic, and include a sample paper.

American Journal Of Psychiatry

If you’re interested in going straight to the source, you can use papers from the American Psychiatric Association’s journal as an example, as they are the benchmark for correct use of the format.

Google Scholar

Formatting citations for your references list is one of the most frustrating parts of any paper formatting scheme. However, Google Scholar is an excellent and easy to use tool for generating correct citations. Simply search for the paper or book in its comprehensive database, then select ‘Cite’, choose the APA format, and copy and paste it.

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