The Main Features Of A Compare-And-Contrast Essay: A Quick Guide

The main focus of a compare-and-contrast essay is a comparison of several objects. In this paper, you will need to highlight the differences and similarities between them. However, there is more to this project than simply listing these facts.

Here is a list of the main features that a compare-and-contrast paper must have:

  • Purpose.
  • This is the most important thing because if there is no purpose to your research, you will never get a high grade for it. You must explain why exactly you chose these particular items to compare and what the significance of this comparison is. How will your research affect the field of study as a whole? Why do people need to know about this?

  • Points of comparison.
  • You need to develop a plan and list of points you will focus on when you compare the items. Choose these points carefully as they must help to support your main argument. Therefore, you must develop a thesis statement before you start working on this part of the project.

  • Details.
  • Provide detailed characteristics of each point you include in your research. However, you need to try not to overload the paper with unnecessary information. Think carefully about the comparison points you chose to focus on and pick the details that are most relevant with regards to them.

  • Structure.
  • There are two traditional structures for organizing this kind of essay:

    • Subject by subject.
    • If you choose this arrangement, you will need to provide detailed characteristics of each object of the comparison in turn. For example, if you are comparing seasons, you will need to dedicate the first body paragraph to a detailed analysis of spring, then, summer, autumn, and finally winter. Each paragraph should have a similar structure and highlight the points you choose to compare the items by.

    • Point by point.
    • In this pattern, every paragraph will be dedicated to a single point of comparison. You will need to keep the paragraphs consistent by discussing the subjects in a predetermined order.

    • Transitions.
    • It may be difficult to write a good compare-and-contrast essay because it’s hard to tie all these separate pieces together. In order to do this, you will need to use some transition words, for example “like”, “similar to”, “on one/other hand”, etc. Look up some synonyms for these transition phrases as you cannot repeat them many times over in your text.

Writing a compare-and-contrast research paper shouldn’t be difficult. Invest some time and effort in developing a good plan. This will make the process of writing itself much easier.

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