Selecting Interesting Expository Essay Topics About Power

This article explains briefly but clearly useful areas to explore when selecting interesting expository essay topics about power. It also gives some helpful background to dissertation meanings.

The expository essay

First think clearly about what is being asked of you before you start looking for interesting topics to write your essay. Here, you will be giving broad, but detailed definitions of or about power.

Two meanings

  • Expose – You are giving a structured, chronological list of facts about your chosen topic. It is important for you to remain on topic in this instance.
  • Exposition – Now you will be expanding your list by giving clear explanations of each linked sub-theme related to your main theme of power.

Broad definition of power

Creating topics about power presents you with a world of opportunity here because the definition of power is quite broad. It could be related to the human condition or to a scientific analysis.

Two helpful themes

The human condition

  • Think about the power of one person over the other. In literary essay writing terms, you will be looking towards new horizons such as colonialism or social class distinctions.
  • The themes of political and economic hegemonies are interrelated and can be juxtaposed within the body of your exploratory essay after you have laid down a clear introductory thesis statement.

Science and the environment

  • Think about scientific terms and explanations and how to paraphrase them into the body of your chosen topic. It is essential that you address readers with coherent explanations.
  • Energy is closely related to environmental sustainability. Align your scientific exposition with new energy saving technologies.

Making the right selections

When preparing a list of interesting essay topics about hegemony and its related subjects, planning a strategy for researching in the correct areas has never been easier.

Three important research areas

  • Library – Collate your written notes and browse through the library’s catalogues on your chosen topic. This will lead you to main categories such as science or politics.
  • College – Research what your peers have already reproduced by way of dissertations on powerful institutions. Refine your research to your chosen topics.
  • Internet – As a research tool on its own, the internet is a powerful device if used correctly. Paper writing skills include the ability to refine research topics and identify authentic sources.

You have already managed to find an interesting list of exploratory writing topics about hegemonies or energy saving. What you also have now is a little extra knowledge-based resource to help you on your way to producing a powerfully original paper on your chosen topic.

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