The Main Difference Between A Thesis Paper And An Essay

Do you sometimes find yourself confused about the distinction between an essay and a research paper?

Exploring more on what an essay is:

It is important to understand that an essay pertains to a short paper that is purposely composed on a certain subject matter. Fundamentally, anything can be an essay that is not a thesis or a dissertation that is quite lengthy. When the teacher asks you to write an essay, this means that he or she expects you to provide your perspectives on a specific topic that is backed up by appropriate number of credible sources.

A lot of teachers shall designate this appropriate number but if the number is not specified and you are aware that you’re expected to back up your argument with outside sources, then, take in mind that one per paragraph is often a good number. What is more, please be guided that the total number of sources hinges on the length of the paper; however, often times three is an excellent starting point. Keep in mind that from there, you can start finding what you need in order to back up your point.

Essays typically come in different forms but are not limited to philosophical, narrative and academic. Furthermore, this form of writing does not call for an exhaustive understanding of a certain subject matter and familiarity might or might not be needed with other writing or research.

How does an essay differ from a research paper?

An essay differs from a research paper in the sense that the analysis in the research paper takes the spotlight. To put it simply, the research paper concentrates on the writer’s analysis of the subject matter and backs up that analysis with research. In the same way, the research paper concentrates on the sources as well as the conclusions which can be drawn from them. In a nutshell, the writer serves as the vehicle for the research instead of the research being the vehicle of the writer’s ideas.

This form of writing requires an extensive understanding of a subject matter through thoroughly researching it. More than that, familiarity is required with research writings linked with a selected subject. This certainly aids build the writer’s knowledge about the subject.

Essentially, when working on a research paper, the writer must be able to compare different pieces of data on a subject and afterwards it is required to clearly and concisely introduce a cumulative overview of the outcomes. Indeed, such form of paper comprise of but not limited to subject-bases, argumentative, cause and effect, compare and contrast as well as analytical.

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