Constructing An Informative Literature Essay Outline In 4 Steps

When you write an informative essay the most important thing is to gather the right information. You don’t have to write about different perspectives or your own opinion. You just have to give information and evidence about a certain issue, in this case about a piece of literature. To be sure that your essay is perfect, you have to build an outline before you start writing. This will keep everything clean and organized:

  1. Find your topic. You can’t write your outline if you don’t have the right topic. In this situation you can write about your favorite book or an interesting article from a magazine. Either way, you have to be sure that you really like the topic otherwise you will not be able to create something that will impress your professor. Poetry is also recommended but only if you think that you can handle it. Follow this link to find some interesting topics.

  2. Think about how many important ideas your essay will have and write them down. In general every section or chapter of the book needs to have at least one main, important idea. Otherwise you can realize that you just wrote several chapters about the exact same thing, and this is not only pointless but it is also a waste of your time.

  3. Arrange the ideas in a logic way. Starting from this outline you will build your composition so you have to make sure that the chapters or the ideas are arranged properly. Depending on the topic this might also mean that you have to arrange the chapters in a chronologic way, so the reader will know what happened when. You can write the ideas on small pieces of paper and play with them until you reach to the shape that you want.

  4. Name the chapters. This is maybe the most important and also the most ignored part of the outline. Many students believe that it does not actually matter what names the chapters have, but they are wrong. Not only that your professor will pay attention to this, but this can also motivate the reader to read your composition without even knowing the subject. Make sure that the titles of the chapters are short but explicit and that they represent something related to the content of the text. In the end, you will build an amazing essay!

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