12 Unique Topic Ideas For Your Short Essay On Law

Law is a subject that we all encounter on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not, we all participate in law practices every living day of our lives, even criminals. This familiarity with the topic does nothing to reduce its complexity. Law is a very dynamic study and changes as fast as people can invent new crimes to commit.

When selecting a topic for an essay, be sure to select one that your share an interest in, you do not want to spend a considerable amount of time doing something you do not enjoy if it can be avoided. You should also consider your reader’s interest and try to select a topic that will interest them as well. Consider these 12 unique topics for your short essay on law:

  1. Why it is in your best interest as a citizen of an organized nation to adhere to the laws of the land, despite how much you disagree with them.
  2. In many states, there are reports of racist law enforcement practices, what are your views on this?
  3. Should officers that commit crimes be more heavily penalized for their infractions of the law while on duty?
  4. Are most lawsuits decided fairly or do judges commonly make errors in judgment?
  5. Should all laws be revised on a regular basis or should we simply keep old laws until a situations arises where the law is required?
  6. How significant is the role of junior officers during large cases involving high profile crimes?
  7. How are laws made and who decides what should be considered right or wrong in a society as complex as ours?
  8. Are the measures in place to prevent employers from discriminating against persons based on race, sex and sexual orientation sufficient to protect the rights of all persons?
  9. What is the purpose of Miranda rights and what function do they serve to aid in the proper execution of the law and court made judgments?
  10. Should the drinking age in the united states be lowered from 21 ? What purpose would this serve and how would doing this benefit the people of the country?
  11. Why is attempted suicide a crime when many persons believe they should have the right to end their own life if they should choose to do so?
  12. Why are women treated as criminals for performing an act that is purely natural and harmless to all parties involved?

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