Where To Get Examples Of Profile Essays For Free

A profile essay is a paper that introduces a person, place or activity in-depth. Your writing will share the information you gather on the subject, including any research, observations, descriptions, quotes, or vital information to the person, place, or activity written about. One way to learn how to tackle your profile essay is by looking at already completed profiles available. These samples of other people’s work can be found on-campus, networking, or online.


One of the first places you can look for samples of profile essays are with the resources available on-campus. Most schools include academic services in your tuition that can be incredibly helpful when tackling a writing assignment. Visit the library help desk, tutoring zone, and writing lab to get the assistance you seek. The library help desk may be able to direct you to examples you can use, and the tutoring zone and/or writing lab may have writing samples on file for your use.


Another great resource for locating examples of profile essays is within your network. Consulting your network of advisors, professor, and peers can definitely pay off when working on your writing. Your advisors, professors, or peers may have a suggestion as to where you can find writing samples. Also, advisors and professors may have writing on file that they are willing to share. Similarly, your peers may also have already completed a similar assignment, from which they learned and can share.


Once you have checked with the resources available on-campus and with the people within your network, you can also use the Internet to locate help. By consulting your preferred search engine you can easily locate samples to use while writing. There should be both free and paid writing samples available online—what is most important is making sure your sample is credible. Check the credibility of the site you use by looking for credentials or qualifications that legitimize their services. Websites and forums should feature plenty of completed profiles, and also—you should be able to find actual profiles to get an idea of general knowledge appropriate writing.

With the use of the resources around you, you should be able to locate plenty of sample essays. Explore options on-campus, within your network, and online to locate the best examples possible. You will be writing smoothly in no time!

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