A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics On German Literature

What Is Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive or an argumentative essay is the piece of writing where you need to pick up an argument or a controversial issue as a topic and take a stand on one side. Not only that, once you have taken a side, you need to back-up your claim with logical examples, data and statistics. The tone of your writing has to be really persuasive and forcing but not overtly explicit.

Choosing a Good Topic Will Win You Points:

If you are writing an article on persuasive format, then the topic can do half of your job done, especially if it’s upon you to choose it. In case of German literature, the area is so vast and colorful that selecting a relevant issue wouldn’t pose as a problem. You can go through some literary review journals on German literature to get inkling on your topic idea.

Few Tips to Write a Persuasive Article

  • A persuasive article is the one that needs planning and organizing your thoughts, especially when it comes to the layout.
  • In support of an issue, you shouldn’t only present your opinions but some logical examples and data also.
  • The conclusion part should be forceful on the reader to see you’re point-of-view.

10 Persuasive Essay Topics On German Literature Are Listed Below:

  • Construct a persuasive essay about the Young Germany Movement (1830-1850) highlighting its apolitical angle.
  • Describe how the Dadaism movement in post World War I Germany only helped to flourish the poetry but neglected other angles of literature.
  • German literature is more of cross-border European Literature than of a homogenous one- discuss it with suitable examples in a persuasive format.
  • The erotic poetry in Baroque Period of Germany is more illustrative than it’s English counter-parts. Explain.
  • The Age Of Enlightenment in Germany and border Europe was mainly limited to the intelligentsia and had no influence on the downtrodden class. Discuss.
  • The Romanticism era of Europe was more about internal journey than asserting the imagination and thoughts loudly on others. Explain in a persuasive format.
  • Construct a persuasive theme around the style of writing between German fantasy literature of 21st century and it’s American counterpart and show ideal and logical examples.
  • Paul-Henri Campbell- the author of German-American Literary works is more influenced by American notion than that of Germany. Discuss.
  • Do a persuasive study between the two poets of poetic realism era (1848-1890)- Gustav Freitag and Wilhelm Raabe.
  • Goethe was inarguably the most important literary figure in Germany’s Sturm and Drang movement: Discuss it in a persuasive article format.

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