A List Of Good Pros And Cons Argumentative Essay Topics

Just like in a real life situation, the great thing about argumentative essays is that there are always at least two sides that you can come down on. If you are incredibly lucky, then there might be multiple viewpoints for you to choose. You can be the best writer in the world, but if the topic that you choose is lackluster or weak then you are wasting your time, and it will be Mr. Average with his well thought out angle that ends up getting the top grade.

So, to save you from wasting any more time than is absolutely necessary trying to come up with the perfect argument, I have come up with a list of topics that work brilliantly from whichever side of the fence you choose to come down on:

  • The death penalty for juveniles – If a fifteen or sixteen-year-old is capable of murder, is it right that they should receive the ultimate punishment? Discuss
  • It would be more democratic if the “First past the post” system in the U.K. were to be abolished in favor of Proportional Representation.
  • All developed nations should be obliged to contribute the same amount of funds annually to international aid. This would be much fairer than the current system that allows some nations to shirk their responsibilities. Discuss.
  • Medical care should be free at the point of entry for all U.S citizens, in the same way, that it is in the U.K.
  • Pharmaceutical companies should be required to undertake more research projects free of charge for the greater good and their profits should be capped. Discuss
  • There was a gentle side to Adolf Hitler that is often overlooked. History books should be rewritten to reflect this. Discuss.
  • Trailer parks are great places to raise kids.
  • Schools should open on weekends. This would provide kids with an opportunity to do their homework and some extra learning. It would also make it easier for parents to juggle their work commitments.
  • The government should have the right to intercept any personal and private communications from anyone it chooses if it believes that there is a risk of terrorism.
  • If you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide. Stop and search is a perfectly legitimate means of law enforcement and the media is to blame for fuelling tensions.

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