Essay Writing Help: Where to Get It Free of Charge

If you got stuck with your essay but have no money for custom writing services, there is still a way out. Try the places below to get writing help for free.

Homework help centers.

Check whether your school or college has a homework center; these are great places to get free help. Volunteer tutors will answer your questions and explain what is wrong with your paper. You can practice essay writing in a group of peers, or borrow winning examples from the center’s archive to study and analyze them.

Style manuals.

To sort out any formatting and style matters, you do not need to spend a single dollar. Simply borrow a style manual from your school library, or look for reliable websites explaining a respective citation style. The websites to be trusted often have “.edu” in their URLs. They provide citation examples for any kinds of sources, as well as free examples of essay written in APA or MLA style. From these samples, you can learn not only proper formatting but also how to structure your paragraphs and formulate a thesis.

Websites with writing tips.

If you do not know how to write an essay, there are lots of tips on the Web. Without paying anything, you can learn academic writing basics and advanced techniques. Just make sure that the website you use is a reliable one. The most credible websites with writing tips belong to educational institutions or reputable writing services. Apart from tips, they often provide free examples of different essays – persuasive, narrative, or descriptive.

Automatic generators.

To get your whole paper done for free, try an automatic essay generator. These tools are easy to discover with the help of any search engine. You can use some online, while others require downloading. Enter your topic and word count, and the program will compile a paper that meets requirements. Although not a full substitute to a living writer, automatic generators can produce decent and accurate texts. It is recommended that you run them through a free anti-plagiarism checker before submitting. The developers of online generators claim that every paper produced by them is unique, but the fact is that these programs operate a limited set of phrases. Some locutions might be used more often than others, giving your essay a high degree of similarity to another one. If you discover any matches, you can re-word them manually so as to avoid being accused of plagiarism.

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