The Easiest Way To Come Up With Fresh Essay Topics

When you go to a market to buy vegetables; you get distinctly thrilled on spotting your choice of greens well splattered and fresh. Sometimes, however, you get to glean among mixed bag of vegetables in different state and therein your ability to choose comes on display.

Your innate capacity

The same happened with your capability to come up with fresh essays. You are so disjointed and overpowered by certain topics that whenever you are asked to think of a topic; you take the essence off them. Now, while those essay topics may be interesting and intrusive, they will most certainly not be fresh.

Here is the easiest way to come with fresh topics –

  • Go through the newspaper; checking out the headings on every page; from the front page to International; from the city page to editorial and also the business and sports. You should also take a cursory look at the headings n the supplementary pages or magazines.

  • Now, earmark the headlines that you identify with and yet have hardly read about. Go through the chosen headlines again and conjure topics from therein. Try charting new territories; not the run of the mill stories.

  • For example, rape has sadly become a common phenomenon and numerous essays are written on the act and the treatment of the survivor. Where you can change it is in analyzing the class of men who have this dominant urge to rape women. Therein you take the topic to a new and less-trodden fold.

  • Again, objectification of women is a common issue. Things have repeatedly been written on how society mirrors the movies which in turn mirror the society. The essay topic you may pick is the role women play in getting themselves objectified.

  • Again, heaps of essays are written on how terrorists perpetually keep nations at ransom. While this cannot be overtly argued, you can pick a distant strain penning an essay from their perspective and how they feel segregated from the general society and what leads them to be terrorists.

The gist of the matter

The actual point of all this tittle-tattle is that freshness resides even amidst the stalest things we keep reading. What it necessitates is a new perspective; something which has hardly been tried. You need to be observant and analytical to be able to carve out sensational and fresh topics. You may also discuss the patterns with your teacher and class mates to become more compact and biting selector of topics.

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