16 Great Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics In Literature

Narrative essays are one of the most interesting essay writing assignments students have to complete during their academic careers. It is different from ordinary essays because you need to write using first person and take your readers along with you in form of a story. You need to narrate your experience with a place, person, occasion or an event and develop interest of your readers. The most important thing about your narrative essay is the topic selection. The topic of your paper will decide the future scope of your paper. This should be neither too broad nor too narrow. The topic needs to be precise and relevant. Most of the times, teachers ask the students to stay away from a certain topics and only write about fresh and unique ideas.

If you are having a hard time in choosing the right topic for your narrative essay, then you need to look at the following topics to have a better idea of the structure and format. It is not necessary that you agree with all these ideas or find them relevant to your paper but you can edit, change or reverse them to create your own topic.

Interesting topics for descriptive narrative essays in literature

  1. My understanding of the Hamlet by Shakespeare and the role of envy
  2. What did I learn from classical writing of Charles Dickens
  3. The impact of fiction English literature in shaping my personality
  4. How did I change my views about the social and economic structures after reading the Othelo
  5. My first day at the writer’s academy
  6. A year that I spent in learning the classical English literature
  7. The tragedy in the writing of Shakespeare taught me a lot
  8. The effect of melodramas on my writing
  9. The characteristics of a perfect novel in science fiction
  10. How can we reinvent the obsolete techniques used in literature
  11. The road to success for a writer
  12. The possible interpretations of Daffodils the poem
  13. The relationship between social structure, finances and art
  14. The lack of acknowledgement being equivalent to death for a writer
  15. The lessons I learnt from the work of famous authors in the past
  16. Why play writing is not as simple as you might think

Above are a few example topics can help you understand the requirements for composing a wining topic for your paper

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