10 Winning Examples of Thesis Statements for Argumentative Essays

To get a high score on an argumentative essay, students must select a thesis statement that argues a point. The topic should be supported by valid evidence and research. Since this style of writing is supposed to make an argument, the topic must be debatable. To get started, students can look through some of the following ideas.

  1. Government Surveillance Is Harmful for a Democracy
  2. In London and New York City, surveillance cameras dot every corner. The NSA collects e-mail data from every citizen. Do these activities harm a democracy?

  3. Cyber Bullies Should Go to Juvenile Detention
  4. Until recently, there were not laws that stopped cyberbullying. With a rise in suicides and the recent Gamer Gate incident, should officials start arresting students that bullying others online?

  5. Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory
  6. People have the choice to vaccinate their children, but non-vaccinated children have caused a spread of nearly eradicated diseases like measles. Should people be legally obligated to vaccinate their children?

  7. End China's One Child Policy
  8. Chinese parents are having second children overseas or in rural areas to skirt this law. With an aging population, China may need more children to support the elderly. Should China's one child policy be stopped?

  9. Advertisements Should Use Mixed Families
  10. Advertisements often include the standard two-parent, two-child families. Should modern advertisements be updated with single-parent, mixed race families?

  11. Legalize Marijuana
  12. Several states have now legalized recreational marijuana without any major issues. Should the entire country legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes?

  13. Stop Using Technology in Schools
  14. Technology changes the way children and adults communicate. With more technology used in schools, students are less able to research in the library or think independently. Should technology be limited?

  15. Forgive Student Loans
  16. Student loans are thought to be the next real estate bubble. In other nations, students are able to attend college for free. Should all student loans be forgiven?

  17. Pay Organ Donors
  18. In Iran, organ donors are paid and there is never an organ shortage. Should the United States compensate organ donors for their help?

  19. Stop Giving Africa Foreign Aid
  20. Although well-intentioned, foreign aid has caused a number of problems in Africa. For example, non-profit organizations like to drill wells and supply water to villages. Unfortunately, no one maintains these wells, and they break within the first few years. Even the best projects change how the African economy functions, and corruption is always an issue. Should other nations stop giving foreign aid to Africa?

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