Top 10 Unique Ideas For Your Essay About Arts And Music

Art and music are all about expression; these forms of craft can be an interesting subject to cover in an essay. In the list below you will be given some of the unique ideas for your next arts and music essay.

10 Unique Ideas

  • The first idea is to pick a genre of music and study it from the beginning and tell how it is perceived today.
  • Pick a piece of architecture and study the history and explain why it is a piece of art.
  • Pick an influential group or individual in music, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and so on. You can look at their beginnings and how they became so prominent in today‚Äôs music.
  • Pick an artist to do your paper on, you can do one of the classics but choosing an artist today would be even more unique and keep in mind that there are many art forms, like comic books, filmmakers, and so on.
  • How about choosing a group of instruments to do, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and more.
  • The art of photography can also be a unique topic to cover, and a more interesting topic would be covering how social media has changed the way the we take photographs.
  • How has digital music changed the way that we listen to music?
  • How to read music. Most people have no idea how to read sheet music. You could write about the basics of reading music, and this might inspire your read to take up an instrument.
  • There are so many different sculptures around the world, so there is no shortage of picking on you like. After you pick on write about its history or even the history of sculptures.
  • A new form of art is graphic design, with the explosion of the Internet more and more people are doing this art form and going to school to learn about it.

This list is a good start of general ideas that you can use to think of your art and music essay topic. These topics should point you in the right direction the next time you have to write this kind of paper. When you are writing something like this, you should immerse yourself in the subject. You can write a much better essay if you let our guard down and just feel the subject that you are writing about.

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