Thought-Provoking Persuasive Essay Topics For 8th Grade Students

An essay is an important academic assignment that students write to express their opinions and prove their writing skills to the audience. The readers will need to have a sound understanding of your subject after reading your paper and should not have any confusion at the end. This requires you to create a precise, brief, and clear paper to help your audience.

Definition of a persuasive assignment

A persuasive assignment is the one that requires the writer to convince the audience of his ideas and stance using strong logical arguments and relevant supporting evidence.

The topic of a persuasive paper

The topic is an important place because this is the start of your paper. You should create a solid thesis statement. Your introduction is your first paragraph. Try to win the reader’s heart by taking an excellent start. You have three paragraphs to prove your thesis statement. Add strong arguments to prove your thesis statement.

Below is a list of interesting topics that you can use in your paper to leave your readers wondering at the end and build their curiosity to read the rest of your paper

  1. Child abuse is a result of negligence of the parents towards their children because they leave the child unprotected or unaware

  2. Smoking can affect those around you because passive smoking affects more than active smoking

  3. People should mend their own ways before pointing out others because it is for their own self improvement

  4. Spiritualism requires a person to develop a connection with the self before thinking of the connection with the divine

  5. Technology has brought about a huge revolution in the way we think, act, connect, express, buy, sell or do anything at all

  6. Mass urban migration leads to severe problems for the already residents because the city has a specific limit to accommodate people

  7. Individuals should focus on outdoor sports to keep their mental and physical health in good shape
  8. Breastfeeding and smoking

  9. Free range parenting vs helicopter parenting

  10. Drinking and driving

  11. Legalizing marijuana

  12. Nausea and brain control

  13. Religion and oppression of women

  14. Darwinism

  15. The social self vs personal self

  16. Freelancing and regular job

  17. Animal testing of products by huge brands

  18. Role of carcinogens in spreading disease

  19. The theory of everything by Stephen hawking

  20. Death of Paul walker, an effect to the Hollywood cinema

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