Process Analysis Essay Topics: 20 Ideas For College

Okay, so before you start racking your brains and attempting to figure out suitable topic ideas for college, it will help if you fully understand what “process analysis” is. It is also helpful if you can wrap your head around just what exactly you are going to be expected to do. The do’s and the don’ts. Explaining any processes that your reader might not understand or readily grasp in infinite detail will also earn you extra brownie points. The trick here is to treat your reader not as if they are an idiot, as that would be patronizing, but rather as if they are a total novice and you are explaining this to them for the very first time.

What is process analysis?

In a nutshell process analysis is a form of writing, the specific purpose of which is to offer up a detailed explanation as to how certain processes are broken down. When writing your essay, you will need to ensure that you walk through all of the steps in chronological order. Failure to do this will impact upon your grade. You will also need to thoroughly explain why each of the processes is necessary.

So, now that we understand what it is, and what will be required of you in your essay here are 20 ideas that you can use when writing an essay for college:

20 topics for college:

  • How to decorate your room
  • How to ride a bike
  • How to survive the hangover from hell
  • How to survive your first visit with your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents
  • How to survive a sleepless night without caffeine
  • How to survive a night out without any makeup
  • How to reverse a car into the garage
  • How to bake princess cupcakes
  • How to survive a night in the wilderness without getting eaten alive
  • How to milk a cow
  • How to make pizza from scratch
  • How to make your bed
  • How to make the perfect snowman
  • How to brush your teeth
  • How to potty train a toddler
  • How to bath a dog
  • How to say sorry to someone without meaning it
  • How to breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend and still keep your mutual friends
  • How to overcome nervousness on a first date
  • How to say goodbye without breaking your heart

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