20 College Descriptive Essay Topics About The Graduation Day

Do you intend to create an essay about graduation day, but are not sure about the exact title you wish to work on? With so many possibilities you will be stuck for a while, however if you look at some suggestions then one title might stand out to you. You’ll see that by working on a title that you are happy with you can make a big difference to the grade. So here are 20 college descriptive essay topics about the graduation day.

  1. What are the best types of clothes that you can wear on graduation day?
  2. What are the best activities that you can do once graduation is over?
  3. What are the best types of venues that a graduation ceremony can be held at?
  4. Who should be selected at a graduation ceremony to give a speech?
  5. What is the appropriate amount of time that a graduation ceremony should be held for?
  6. What are the top 3 things that should be said in a graduation day speech?
  7. Should everyone be at graduation day ceremonies, or only those with the top grades?
  8. What type of prizes can be given out at graduation day ceremonies?
  9. Why are flowers such an important part of graduation day?
  10. Is graduation day needed at all?
  11. Describe the history of graduation day?
  12. How has technology changed graduation day?
  13. What can students do to prepare themselves for graduation day?
  14. Should all parents attend graduation day?
  15. Give examples of graduation day speeches that are not appropriate
  16. Should the classic black clothing during graduation day still be used today?
  17. What can be done to ensure that graduation day is a festive occasion?
  18. Is it better to hold graduation day indoors, or outdoors?
  19. How can the participants of graduation day be made to feel special?
  20. Should drinking alcohol be allowed at a graduation ceremony?

If you take the time to carefully consider the titles above, then you might be able to end up with one that you are happy to use. Just make sure that you do not rush to a decision when trying to figure out the best title for you.

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