12 Interesting Ideas For World War 1 Essay Topics

If you're searching for interesting World War I essay topics there are many places that you can look. A good topic will be something that keeps your interest. It will be something that intrigues you and something that perhaps is not been covered before or at least is not been covered on that scale or with that spin.

Just because other students have written about the same topic as you does not mean that you have to pick something else. You can challenge yourself to research a different perspective or to highlight a different angle. Rather than focus on the same battle that other students have covered you can focus on the technology used in that battle, or the new medicinal developments that came from treating wounded in that battle. Finding a unique spin will make it significantly easier for you to produce something original and exciting.

  • Topic one: you can write about the treatment of the wounded during the war and where they were generally sent for treatment and which types of treatments were considered new at the time.
  • Topic two: you can cover gender and the war. You can write about House fronts had to reconstruct gender after the war. You can speak about national identity and women's identities during the war. You can even write about intimacy during First World War literature. Other topics might include the role of white feathers, notions of patriotism, cowards, and manhood, or even gender roles and propaganda as well as women's work.
  • Topic three: you can write about economic issues you can explore how women were integrated into the industrial workforce during the First World War or how manufacturing changed and national economies were realigned toward the war.
  • Topics four:You can write about hygiene and medical issues during the war .
  • Topic five: you can explore aerial warfare and command within warfare. You can even focus on technology, recruitment methods, manpower, trench warfare, or military intelligence.
  • Topic six: you can focus on the Armenian genocide or African-American troops who photo on the American side.
  • Topic seven: you can write about race and gender as it was portrayed in propaganda.
  • Topic eight: you can focus on religion and the role that religion played a propaganda.
  • Topic nine: you can focus on the role that personal religion played with in the trenches.
  • Topic ten: you can focus on the effects of the war had for missionary activities.
  • Topic eleven: you can focus on the relief efforts and what was done to help refugees.
  • Topic twelve: you can focus on peace and reconstruction that took place after the war.

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