20 Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics On Human Right

When you write an essay of any kind, you need to take your research very serious if you want to obtain high marks. An argumentative essay gives you the chance to express your preferences and to convince other people to believe in an idea that you support. In order to do this, the arguments need to be very well composed and convincing. Also, you need to write with passion, to express your support through your essay. Here you have 20 outstanding essay topics on human rights:

  1. Why do we need human rights? Is it necessary to have an official list to follow?
  2. The history of human rights. Surprisingly or not, the history of these rights go back almost 1500 years when the Constitution of Medina mentioned the first official list.
  3. Ideology. Most of the stated laws regarding this matter evolved from natural laws, which means stat it is stated that humans have the right to food, water and freedom.
  4. Objections. There were several people during the years that said that an official statement is not necessary because it will have the opposite effect, or it will codify human behavior.
  5. International agreement. Soon after the II World War, the international community became more and more interested in this idea. They realized the necessity of official human rights.
  6. United Nation. This organization has international jurisdiction when one of these rights are denied. They have the right to interfere in most of the countries in the world.
  7. Security. Even if UN has the possibility to use force whenever an international devastating event takes place, the system was criticized many times when they did not interfere in massacres and genocides.
  8. UN Human Rights Council. Founded in 2005 is supposed to investigate the violation of human rights, but many times they ignore cases that present a political interest.
  9. Violation of the principles. One of the most debated one is the right to life, but in many countries abortion is legal. The only way to keep the abortion legal is to consider that fetuses are not human beings until they are not born.
  10. Freedom of speech. Even if, theoretically, each person has the right to speak their mind; many regions have strict laws that restrict this law.
  11. Responsibility. Since 1997, there are official papers that make official the responsibility that we have towards our future generations.
  12. Freedom of religion. In some countries of the world changing your religion is punishable by jail or even death.
  13. Water. Even though, theoretically, all human beings have the right to water, in many poor countries clean water is a luxury not accessible to everyone.
  14. The right to have children. A few countries of the world limited the number of children that a person can have to one.
  15. The right to Internet. In the last years, the right to have internet became official.
  16. National security. The UN is the only organization authorized to offer help to citizens during the war, despite any political decisions that might prohibit this.
  17. Promotion. More and more organizations adhere to these principles, and they are working to apply them in all aspects of modern society.
  18. Universal Declaration of Human rights. This is the document that is serving as a base for any action promoting or applying fundamental rights.
  19. Cultural elements. There are civilizations in which human rights are violated because they are not following cultural or religious norms.
  20. Freedom from slavery. This was meant to stop any future attempt of human slavery.

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