What Are The Main Rules For Crafting A Narrative Essay?

Crafting a narrative essay can sometimes be a lot of fun and sometimes a hurdle. If you are someone who is very comfortable writing about themselves by recollecting experiences you think would arouse your readers’ attention, then you are good to go. Narratives tell stories, those that bring out a past personality that can create a connection to others. Below are some general rules, though not compulsory, you would surely produce a great narrative when you stick to them.

  • Clearly defined purpose
  • If your narrative is an assignment, then make sure that every major issue under the topic is well highlighted. If you are however given the freedom to select your own topic, then spend some time planning what you would specifically want to write about. Your paper should have a clear purpose. This prevents your readers from getting confused, thus preventing you from making you a lower grade in the end.

  • Clearly defined point of view
  • This kind of paper requires, normally the entire perspective of the author. To save yourself from unnecessary challenges, make sure you work on this part very well, especially for those who are new to narrative writing. For those who are good with narratives, using the second or third person’s point of view might be a choice you would want to make.

  • First person pronoun should be used.
  • This is clearly a personal composition and so using the first person pronoun which is ‘I’ is highly encouraged. Be however careful not to overuse it by starting virtually every sentence with the first person pronoun. Stick to a consistent idea or point and make sure there are variations in your sentences for a greater style and presentation.

  • Clear and concise language usage.
  • You are to “show” your readers and not “tell” them, so use concise and clear language to convince them of your viewpoint. The more creatively you use your language, the more engaged your readers would be, and your narrative will take on an authoritative stance.

  • Organized content and presentations.
  • Your content should be organized. Don’t make your work run wild as done by others. Organized content helps you maintain your line in your topic. Developing and editing a draft as you write would be a good idea of checking organized content.

  • Final rule and conclusion.
  • Your essay should make use of imagery and vivid details and should be presented in a manner that will create an emotional effect in the minds of your readers.

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