Free Instructions For Writing An Essay On Business Ethics

Writing essays can be daunting to most students especially when the topic is about business ethics. Of course, there are lots of things to say about this subject but the start is always difficult. Indeed, when writing your essay, it is very crucial to consider what types of criticisms should be offered.

Here are a few typical ones which you must search for to get started when writing about business ethics:

  • Indicate one or more logical fallacies.
  • Here, you may consider if an argument of the author is made from ignorance, if he or she presented a false dilemma or if he or she has presented careless generalization or a false analogy?

  • Identify unjustified assumptions.
  • It is critical to point out if the author made controversial or ambiguous assumptions about some matter of fact without providing proof. Or, consider if the author has presumed that readers share some uncertain ethical beginning point, probably a belied in a certain arguable principle.

  • Criticize the scope of the author’s claim.
  • For instance, does the author assert that her or his conclusion is implemented to all cases rather than merely to the limited number of cases she or he has definitely argued for?

  • Figure out objectionable implications or consequences.
  • Consider if the author’s stance convey, probably unintentionally, some additional conclusion that she or he or the audience is unlikely to prefer to approve upon reflection.

  • Specify internal contradictions.
  • Think about if the author utters two things that, probably lightly, disproves each other.

    Bear in mind that universally a good writing piece clearly describes and expounds in neutral terms the book or article being criticized. So, it is worth mentioning that prior you begin offering criticism, it is imperative to illustrate that you understand the perspective you are criticizing.

What else to consider?

As always, of course, it is pivotal to indicate your sources clearly. It is critical to use whichever citation approach your teacher tells you to follow. More than that, you may use one of the established citation approaches like Chicago or APA if you’re uncertain. However, take note that whatever you do, always see to it to indicate the sources or people whose ideas you use so that you will be free of any plagiarism issues in the future.

Needless to say, it is always a must to follow instructions. Take into account that failing to follow instructions is deemed as the most usual ways students make a mess when working on dissertations. Go over the assignment carefully and in case anything is unclear, it is helpful to ask your teacher for some clarifications.

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